The highly recommended item to have during your stay in Osaka, “Osaka Amazing Pass

The highly recommended item to have during your stay in Osaka, “Osaka Amazing Pass

What is Osaka Amazing Pass?

"Osaka Amazing Pass" allows you to fave unlimited access to Osaka municipal subway and bus lines, along with free entrances to 35 tourist spots.
The pass can be purchased at Osaka municipal subway stations and visitor centers and hotels in the city.

Unlimited ride on the trains and buses!

There are 3 types of passes available. The 1-day pass (2,500 yen) comes with an unlimited ride on subways, new trams, and buses, along with private railways in the city.
In addition, there is 2-day pass (3,300 yen), 1-day pass with larger area coverage (2,900 yen), and Kansai airport pass (3,200 yen) available for purchase.

Free entry to 35 tourist facilities!

By showing the pass at each entrance, you can enter 35 tourist facilities for free.
The famous sightseeing places like Osaka castle and the river cruise can be accessed without any additional fee.

Coupons for 25 facilities and 67 stores!

There are coupons available with the Osaka Amazing Pass, which can be used for 25 facilities.
There are coupons not only for sightseeing spots but also for other facilities like restaurants as well!

Easily travel through the city of Osaka

The Osaka Amazing Pass covers many of the famous tourist facilities in Osaka.
Buying tickets for each ride on the trains and buses can be quite tiring. Why don't you purchase the pass and save time and money during your stay at Osaka?

Name of the facilityOsaka Tourist Office
Address5F Risona Senba Building, 4-4-21 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi